Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Private Eskişehir Anatolian Hospital aims to provide a safer and healthier working environment by minimizing any potential losses and continuously improving the conditions.

We are committed to offering a secure and healthy environment to our employees, intern students, patients, caregivers, and visitors through Occupational Health and Safety Trainings, Orientation Programs, and the implementation of necessary precautions in the field.

As a Private Eskişehir Anadolu Hospital, we commit to: ;

  • Conduct continuous improvement efforts to eliminate hazards related to the health and safety of individuals and property, such as illnesses, injuries, and emergencies. 
  • Use all necessary resources and encourage the participation of every level of the organization and stakeholders to develop a culture of health and safety.
  • Create healthy and safe working conditions with a proactive approach, aiming for "zero work accidents and zero occupational diseases."
  • Raise awareness and enhance competencies in the field of occupational health and safety
  • Continuously improve our Occupational Health and Safety performance by staying up-todate with scientific studies and technological advancements.
  • Involve employees in effective risk analysis in all work areas to eliminate or reduce the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases to an acceptable level.
  • Develop plans for potential emergencies and take necessary precautions. 
  • Monitor and cooperate with contractor firms regarding their Occupational Health and Safety performance.
  • Comply with national and international Occupational Health and Safety legislation and standards in all our hospital activities.
  • Organize training programs to help employees understand their roles and responsibilities within this system and contribute to the development of a sense of responsibility.
  • Take all necessary measures in accordance with the current Occupational Health and Safety legislation and standards to ensure the health and safety of employees, subcontractors, and visitors by providing necessary equipment and personal protective gear and ensuring their proper use. 
  • Establish measurable objectives related to Occupational Health and Safety and regularly review their realization.

All employees, stakeholders, and contractors are responsible for complying with the Private Eskişehir Anadolu Hospital Occupational Health and Safety Policy.