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Release Date: 23 05 2018

Writer: SPECIALIST M.D. Cenk Çakıroğlu

Check-up is an early diagnosis by taking into account the health conditions of healthy individuals and the possible age, sex, genetic characteristics and environmental factors of a disease that has not yet caused any symptoms.

Why we have to  do check-up?

Protecting the health of the person by taking the necessary precautions in the modern medical science and also important to keep healthy.

Check-up,coronary artery diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and especially the early recognition of cancer and increases the chance of early treatment.That way, both the comfort of life and the life span of  to a person are prolonged.

How often do we have to check up?

Check-up is recommended for the people with no complaints and illnesses once a year and regularly.

How should check-up content to be?

The tests that should have to be in a standard check-up package include to whole blood counts, blood tests showing and evaluating organ functions, cholesterol and lipid tests, tests on thyroid gland, tests on hepatitis (jaundice), chest X-ray, ultrasound, and stool test.

Check-up contents generally vary depending to the person's age, gender, familial genetic factors, lifestyle.It is especially important to have a smear test and mammography every year in women who have cancer stories in their family.Prostate examination is also important for the men who have a family history of the cancer.

We have different check up programs considering these factors in our hospital.Our check-up programs are classified as female / male under 40 years old, female / male over 40 years old, cardiology and child check up.

What should be taken into the consideration when we are coming to check-up appointment?

-It is important to bring the results of the treatments you did before.

-Comfortable outfits and shoes are required for the tests such as of the effort test that will require physical activity.

-It is necessary to be hungry for at least of the 10 or 12 hours before the check-up appointment.

-You don't have to use alcohol before check-up.

-If pregnancy is suspected should be specified.

-Indicate the drugs that you use regularly.

-It is more healthier to admit  when you are not on your period.




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