For Our Inpatients

Patient Bed

To give the patient an appropriate position use the arrow keys on the remote control.If you have problems, please contact the patient consultant.

Nurse Call System

Two separate nurse calls to ensure that our nurses reach you when you need and toilet, bathroom available.


The television you can use with the remote control system is available in your room.


Your extension number is the same as your room number.

If you need an outside line during your stay, you need to ask for help from the central.Central Number: 0

Personal Belongings

Do not separate your bags, wallets and valuables from your side,we do not accept responsibility in case of loss.( If there is no one to leave your personal items,it is hide in the hospital's safe) .For such cases, you can ask for help from security officers.

Room Cleaning

Bed sheets of our patients and attendants are changed regularly every day,Cleaning of rooms, bathrooms and toilets is done twice a day and more frequently when needed by the service staff.If you need it, you can ask for additional bed linen, pillows.


It is not appropriate for your hospital to bring food from outside.

Patient diets are determined by our doctor and dietitian.

Patients and a companion are given to eat.You can get help from floor attendants if you need more food.

Extra meals are reflected in the room account.

The catering service is provided by the staff of the cafeteria in the patient rooms.


MORNING - 7:30-08:00  MOON - 12:00-13:00

EVENING - 17:30-18:30                 

We thank you in advance for your attention to the scheduled delivery times of our patients according to their operating hours and diets.The patient's room should be evacuated within 1 hour after the physician decides on the discharge of the patient.If the room is not vacated, the 1-night room rate will be credited to the patient's account.

Cafeteria Service

Our hospital cafeteria is located on the entrance floor, allowing our guests to enjoy food and beverage service in a comfortable environment.

Obtaining Information About the Patient in Surgery

Patient's relatives can follow the information about patients in operation from the info channel of patient rooms on the screen.

You can learn detailed information about your patient after surgery from your doctor.