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Capsule Endoscopy Method ıs Applıed ın Our Hospıtal

Capsule Endoscopy Method ıs Applıed ın Our Hospıtal

Release Date: 02 01 2019

Writer: SURGEON M.D. Hüseyin Pala

‘’Capsule endoscopy, is a process that 1x3 cm (11 mm x 26 mm) and 4 grams in weight and inside microchip or mini-camera with swallowing a capsule after 8-12 hours of hunger and this device moves in the digestive system to receive images and finally the patient  defecates the capsule. The capsule endoscopy is a method that allows us to view the entire small intestine, stomach and, in some cases, the large intestine without anesthesia, without making any stress to the patient. ‘’ Our Hospital’s General Surgery Department Surgeon MD.  Hüseyin Pala who thinks that this method gives good results , recently applied this method to a patient with abdominal pain.

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