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Release Date: 27 07 2019

Writer: SPECIALIST M.D. Sevgi Yazıcıoğlu

Language development is a process that begins with the birth of the child and continues throughout the life. The development of children's vocabulary is directly related to the child's talktime or the time parents spend talking with them.However, children who watch a lot of television communicate less with their parents and siblings. They spend less time on games that improve their learning and problem-solving skills.

Studies have shown significant increases on the rate of delay in expressive language in children who have started watching television before the age of 1 and have been watching television for more than 2 hours a day.  Fast and fluent images on television are not a suitable stimulus for children, and it should be noted that the rate of delay in expressive language in children who watch television for long hours increases during this period.Studies have shown that children with language developmental retardation in early childhood experience reading difficulties when they reach school age.

Reading books to children loudly increases the verbal vocabulary of children and accelerates language acquisition. Families should be aware of the negative effects of watching television, which is one of the environmental factors affecting the development of our children. In addition, their sensitivity should be increased in order to contribute to the healthy development of our children.

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