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Release Date: 24 04 2018


One of the frequent environmental complaints today is headache.It is known that although the cause of headache is not completely known, brain tissue is not responsible for pain.However, the blood vessels in the head and neck, the large nerves that take the source of the brain, and the brain constitute a painful signal.Scalp, sinuses, teeth, neck / back and joints can also cause pain.There are more than 300 headache types,only 10% is known.The headache that constitutes 10% of the headache is called 'secondary headache', whereas the headache that is not related to any other disease but manifests itself as a disease is called 'primary headache'.

Primary Headache

There is no underlying cause of primary chronic daily headache and its mechanism has not been explained yet.There are different types of primary headache, such as tension, migraine, Horton, medication, usual and cluster headache, and their different reasons.Tension headache is seen in 3/4 of adults.Vision illness, working in the wrong light, drug use and depression are the main causes of tension headache.Examination stress and intensive lesson schedule can trigger headache by increasing stress.Migraine is the headache that occurs when the blood vessels of the cerebrum arise from the blood flow and nerve cell activity in the brain and expand and contract with different triggers.

It is common from 20 to 40 years of age.

There are two types of migraine:1. pre-stimulating (aura) migraine type.Visual signs (eg, light flashes, zigzag lines, empty spots, vibratory display), incomprehensible speech, numbness, thirst and stretching are seen before aura migraine.Severe headache occurs with or after aura that lasts for about 30 minutes.2. Migraine without aura.In the absence of certain signs of pre-existing pain, it makes you feel bad and irritable and sometimes it changes your appetite.The incidence of migraine in women is 2-3 times higher than in men.Migraine, which is seen in 6-8% of men, has been shown to increase heart rate 42% in Harvard University compared to a study in 20,084 men aged 40-84 years. For this reason effective treatment is important.Horton headache rarely seen in males is 5 times more than females.Pain is always placed around the eye on the same side of the head, and on the side where pain is present, there is blushing, tearing, nasal congestion, flu and forehead sweating.

Pill-related headaches, migraines or tension headaches often occur as a result of patients taking pain medication very often. If you use more pain medication than 3 times a week and 9 times a month, the rate of encountering 'rebound' headache is high.

Cluster headaches start quickly and are extremely violent, but as short as 1-2 hours. It affects only one side of the head, and especially the eye area, which can cause eye redness / irritation and flow in the eye.Ice headache occurs rapidly and intensely in people taking cold food / drinks. Even if the cold food / drink is still being taken, the pain will be less than 1 minute. In this case, the front of the mouth should be heated before slowly swallowing / swallowing.

Secondary Headache

It occurs as a symptom of another disease.For example; Another disease (bleeding between the brain membranes, aneurysm rupture, intracerebral hemorrhage, hypertensive cerebral hemorrhage) may occur beneath the sudden onset headaches.early diagnosis is important because some underlying diseases of secondary headache carry a life risk.Head and neck injury, brain vascular disease, brain tumor, elevation of intracranial pressure, brain infections (meningitis, encephalitis) and sinusitis are the diseases that can cause secondary headache.

Applying to Physician

When the headache develops suddenly, if the intensity increases with time, double vision occurs, fatigue increases, and it causes sensory loss,if they develop after coughing or accident, when they feel hardness or fever in their neck, if they increase with cough or movement, if there is a change in personality and mental condition, and if everyday life is restricted, the physician should be consulted.


Headache is a disease in which each individual lives frequently or rarely throughout his or her life.It is impossible to completely prevent primary headaches, but it is not possible to regulate lifestyle, reduce causes of emotional stress, avoid environmental triggers (wearing sunglasses, avoiding smoking, strong smell and noisy areas, avoiding excessive caffeine consumption, providing and maintaining appropriate posture, ), it is possible to reduce the headache frequency and severity.



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