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Eatıng too fast can lead to health problems

Eatıng too fast can lead to health problems

Release Date: 11 11 2019

Writer: Dyt. Lalenur BALCI

Eating too fast can lead to health problems. Nutrition and Diet specialist, Dietitian Lalenur BALCI informed about eating fast habits.“Recent research has shown that, to regulate the body's energy state; body is using neurons. With this information; It is assumed that rapid food consumption can alter metabolic communication between neurons.When all studies were evaluated together; As a result of eating too fast, the active use of oxygen in the body decreases and as a result, fat burning decreases.Therefore; regulating nutritional behavior (eating too fast, not chewing too much) is the first step that every individual should do in order to protect their health. 

Fat burning in the body is reduced, if a stendary life style  is added on it; it is inevitable that people will progress to obesity every day. Obesity, which is linked to all diseases, is now seen in about 150 million children worldwide.This number is increasing rapidly with each passing day. Especially those who cannot get enough oxygen to their body have a higher risk of obesity. People who work indoors, those who cannot breathe enough air due to health problems, smokers cannot provide enough oxygen to their bodies during the day.If we add a fast-eating habit to the body that is deprived of oxygen due to our way of life, health and environmental conditions; The oxygen level in the body will decrease thoroughly.The predisposition to obesity will also be quite high. Therefore, chewing too much, gaining the habit of eating slowly will protect us from many diseases (obesity, stomach diseases, etc.).

It is not easy to change the habit of eating too fast. Getting help from specialist dieticians, psychologists and specialist physicians will help us.

With plenty of Oxygen and healthy days for everyone .. 

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