Department of Cosmetic Dermatology;

The expert staff in our Dermatology Department uses modern technological methods and devices to diagnose and treat all types of skin diseases. Our fields of service include skin diseases, venereal diseases and hair and nail diseases. In addition to outpatient examinations, diagnostics and treatment, we also offer inpatient treatment when necessary. We use the most modern techniques in the Department of Cosmetic Dermatology. We treat skin blemishes, scars and, wrinkles in particular, by performing peeling, cryotherapy, botox and filling injections.

Diseases Treated in the Department of Dermatology:
-Eczema and Dermatophytes
-Moles (Examination and monitoring by using a dermatoscopy)
-Skin tumours
-Skin blemishes (nevus, age spots, sunspots, etc.)
-Hair loss and diseases
-Hives (urticarial)
-Microbial skin diseases
-Allergic skin rash
-Drug reactions
-Hair and nail diseases
-Behçet's disease and connective tissue diseases with skin involvement
-Wounds and burns
-Callus and wart
-Venereal diseases (venereal wart, syphilis, genital herpes, HIV, etc.)