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There are some false facts of ''Breast Cancer''everyone knows true!

There are some false facts of ''Breast Cancer''everyone knows true!

Release Date: 10 10 2018

Writer: SURGEON M.D. Kayıhan Çağlar

October is ‘awareness of Breast Cancer month’. Breast Cancer is seen once in every 8 women in our contry. Recover from this illness is possible with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning. Here are so many falsefacts which causes to  the fatal symptoms by adversely affecting the diagnosis and treatment process of breast cancer.

‘There is no one who have breast cancer in my family so I’wont have either ‘ That is wrong!  Breast cancer has genetic risk factors. 85% of breast cancers develop except for genetic reasons. In the family history, women without breast cancer may also have cancer too.

‘It is enough for chekcing my beast for myself ‘That is wrong!Early Diagnosis of cancer is too important.The best important thing of beast cancer is going to doctor for treatment without reason. Breast cyst can be defined by mammography before it becomes avaliable.Even before stage of the cancer lesions that can turn into breast cancer can be defined. Therefore, should be take control although not have any complaints.

‘Having mammography often causes to have breastcancer.’ That is wrong! Mammography does not cause cancer or metastasis. On the contrary, it provides access to important information during the treatment process that prevents the spread of the disease. The radiation dose given in the mammography process is very low. If a woman has mammography every year  during 50 years, the breast tissue will only receive just one having lung x-ray.Periodically having mammography isn’wrong . It doesn't cause breast cancer. However, unnecessary mammography should be avoided. Besides, it doesn’t have any disadvantageous to take mammography at a young age. However, due to the nature of breast tissue in women under 30 years of age, cause of not having enough monitored and ultrasound is preferred instead of mammography.

‘There is no breast cancer in women who have given birth and breastfeeding ‘That is wrong! Birth and breastfeeding protect women in proportinately takes under control. But it does not mean that women who give birth and are breastfeeding will not have cancer.'Women don't get breast cancer before menopause“ That’s wrong! Breast cancer is a type of cancer that occurs at any age. It may occur at an early age before menopause, before giving birth.

‘Men is so lucky cause of not being breast cancer.’That is wrong ! Percent of % 1 in all breast cancer is seen on men.

‘I felt a swelling in the breast when I checked it by hand, I'm sure I have breast cancer’ That is wrong! Breast cysts seen in most women do not always indicate cancer. These formations can be discharged when they grow up and cause pain or suspicion of breast cancer. In addition, there is no connection between the pain of the breast mass and cancer. Every tissue in the breast does not mean mass, but not means every mass is cancer.

‘There has been  discharged I've had cancer in my breast.’That is wrong! Every woman may have some discharge from the breast. This is not a symptom of cancer. The spontaneous, unilateral and bloody discharges are dangerous.

Biopsy leads to mass cancers.That is wrong! Diagnosis of any cancer can be done by biopsy. It's the safest way to name breast mass. Biopsy does not change the quality of the mass. It does not cause the disease to spread.

‘Surgical removal of a cancerous mass causes cancer to spread to the body.’ That is wrong! If cancer is to spread to the body, it spreads through the cells separated from the cancerous mass. Taking this mass prevents spreading. cells spread to the body prior to surgery may form new masses after a while even if the mass is taken. This isn’related to with surgery

‘Breast cancer defined on me , I will lose my breast.’ That is wrong!.Breast cancer surgery does not require all breast removal if it is not too late. Treatment is completed only with the removal of cancerous tissue

Final Say : Don't be afraid to touch! Breast cancer does not kill, Carelessness kills. Being aware is the biggest measure!

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