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Ratıonal Laboratory Use

Ratıonal Laboratory Use

Release Date: 11 12 2018

Writer: SPECIALIST M.D. Serkan Değirmenci

Performing Rational Laboratory Use Project by Ministry of Health, Director General of Health Services on medical biochemical laboratories ,medical microbiology laboratories.

In our country ,on private or public all health service provider,which includes medical laboratory

conducted a project named with Rational Laboratory Use. This project’s purpose is provide for correct diagnose to the patient ,increase clinical beneficials test results ,produce on medical laboratory area ,standardize examination result reports which giving to the patient, avoid for unnecessary test request, communication with clinician and medical laboratory expert ,technic ,provide information exchange and consultancy.

Rational Laboratory Using Application and Dissemination on Main Topic;

* Approval Support System Using Procedure
* Rational Test Request Procedure
* Consultation Request Procedure
* Reflex and Reflective Test Applications
* Desicion Boundary ,Critical Value and Measurement Unit Harmonization
* Medical Laboratory examination Result Report Standardization

Our hospital is included in Rational Laboratory Use system about this subjects.

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