In the Department of General Surgery;

We provide a reliable, qualified and precise service with a friendly staff of specialists in the Department of General Surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery, which is one of today's modern medical applications, is mainly used in the operations conducted in general surgery operations. We perform advanced laparoscopic surgical treatments successfully in the department. The laparoscopic method is mostly preferred in surgeries. The methods of laser surgery, which are the products of modern technology, are successfully used, especially in anal region surgeons, in the department.

We also perform day surgeries in the department. Patients, who are hospitalized in the morning of the surgery, are sent to their homes within 2-6 hours after the operation. This shortens the duration of hospitalization and postoperative recovery. As a result, the quality of care, satisfaction, and comfort of patients increases and they go back to work earlier than expected.

We examine, diagnose and treat the following diseases in the Department of General Surgery:

-All goiter surgeries

-Diagnosis and all the operations of breast cancer and benign breast-related diseases

-Closed reflux surgery,

-Stomach hernia surgery (closed method)

-All types of stomach-related surgical diseases

-Small intestine surgeries

-Appendectomy performed with closed method

-Colorectal cancer surgery

-Benign and malignant liver neoplasms and cysts

-Jaundice caused by biliary obstruction

-Gallbladder stones and polyps (closed method)

-Treatment of pancreatic cysts, tumors and inflammatory pancreatic diseases

-Splenic diseases

-Inguen and umbilical hernia surgery, surgical treatment of postoperative hernia

-Surgical treatment of all inflammatory diseases and abscess developed in soft tissues 

-Haemorrhoid surgeries (with laser)

-Micro Sinusectomy

-Anal fissure surgery

-Anal fistula surgery

-Anal abscess surgery

-Incarnatus surgery - emergency surgical operations (appendicitis, gastric perforation, intestinal obstruction)

-Little surgical operations such as circumcision, ingrown toenail and biopsy